Daniel M. Pajerowski

     Daniel Pajerowski (pictured at left with a light lunch) is a physicist at the Spallation Neutron Source on the Cold Neutron Chopper Spectrometer , at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN. He is interested in fundamental and applied research. As of May 2017, the fundamental work is towards quantum mechanics (specifically magnetism), and the applied work is on interfaces and others. As a beamline scientist, he gets involved in a hodge-podge of different projects in a supporting role.
Materials families studied may be complex cyanides or complex oxides, or sometimes even more complicated organometallics. One complex cyanide is Prussian blue, which is shown on the atomic scale as the background of this page, and shown utilized for its beautiful color at right ("The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai).
     Practically, this research involves lab-work to measure material properties such as: magnetization, optical-spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, resistivity, electron-microscopy, and others. Samples are often prepared using wet-chemical methods, but high temperature solid-state synthesis is sometimes required. Data analysis often requires usage of software packages and extensive programming, with scripting and prototyping with Python (numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and others) and heavier jobs using C. Frequently, the utilization of larger facilities is also necessary, which include: the National High Magnetic Field Lab, The National Light Source, Oak Ridge National Lab (Neutron Sciences), The Advanced Photon Source, NIST Center for Neutron Research, and The Institut Laue Langevin, where neutron scattering, high magnetic fields, powerful x-rays, and other high-powered techniques are available.

Ph.D. in Physics (2010) U. of Florida, B.Sc. in Physics (2004) U. of Delaware; ORCID; click for web of knowledge

Preferred contact method is via email: firstname at thisdomain.
(*=supervised undergrad, **=supervised highschooler)

47. Daniel M. Pajerowski
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EJ 08/06/2016

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(presently, only APS presentations are shown)
APS March Meeting 2017; New Orleans, Louisiana
D. Pajerowski
Bismuth Manganite Defect Structure

APS March Meeting 2016; Baltimore, Maryland
D. Pajerowski
High-pressure neutron scattering of Prussian blue analogue magnets

APS March Meeting 2015; San Antonio, Texas
D. Pajerowski, L. Krayer, B. Ravel, J. Borchers, H. J. Jeen, A. Biswas
Bismuth Manganite Thin Film Characterization

APS March Meeting 2014; Denver, Colorado
D.M. Pajerowski , S. E. Conklin, J. Leao
High-pressure neutron scattering of Prussian blue analogue magnets

APS March Meeting 2013; Baltimore, Maryland
D.M. Pajerowski , C. R. Rotundu , J.W. Lynn , R. J. Birgeneau
Magnetic neutron diffraction study of BaFe2(1-x)Co2xAs2 critical exponents through the tricritical doping

APS March Meeting 2012; Boston, Massachusetts
D.M. Pajerowski , J.L. Arthur , K. Page , J.S. Miller , J.W. Lynn
Total Scattering Study of Vanadium Tetracyanoethylene

APS March Meeting 2011; Dallas, Texas
D.M. Pajerowski, E.S. Knowles, Y.M. Calm, M.W. Meisel, M.J. Andrus, J.E. Gardner, D.R. Talham, V.O. Garlea, S.E. Nagler
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APS March Meeting 2010; Portland, Oregon
D.M. Pajerowski, M.W. Meisel, E.S. Knowles, M.J. Andrus, J.E. Gardner, D.R. Talham, S. Datta, A. Ozarowski, S. Hill
Magnetic Properties of Prussian Blue Analog Films

APS March Meeting 2009; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Photoinduced Magnetism of Ternary Transition Metal Prussian Blue Analogs

APS March Meeting 2008; New Orleans, Louisiana
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Angular Dependent Magnetic Susceptibility with Photoexcitation Studies on Prussian Blue Analog Thin Films

APS March Meeting 2007; Denver, Colorado
D.M. Pajerowski, M.W. Meisel, F.A. Frye, D.R. Talham
Magnetism of Rubidium Cobalt Hexacyanoferrate Nanoparticles